Shock! Local weather Warrior’s New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s recognition is collapsing – Watt with it?

Essay by Eric Worrall

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s green campaign to shut down all private-sector New Zealand export industries appears to be succeeding.

Jacinda Ardern loses support in New Zealand but can PM’s international star power save her?

By Emily Clark in Auckland
Posted yesterday at 5:05am, updated 23 hours ago

Jacinda Ardern has headed polls at their lowest since becoming prime minister as cost of living pressures squeeze New Zealand households and the luster of their COVID-19 response fades.

Core items:

  • New Zealand’s opposition say Kiwis face a cost of living crisis and analysts say it’s hurting support for the PM
  • According to recent polls, Ms Ardern’s government now has less support than the National Party
  • Analysts say the key issues in next year’s election will be the economy and inequality

New Zealand’s last election was held in late 2020 when Ms Ardern and the Labor Party won a clear majority – something that had not happened since the country changed its electoral system.

In the latest 1News/Kantar poll, support for New Zealand’s Labor government had fallen to 33 percent, trailing behind the opposition National Party, which sits at 37 percent.

“I would definitely say that there is a disconnect between the Ardern brand on the international stage and what New Zealanders think,” she said.

As Labor retained office with a resounding victory in 2020, analysts noted that Ms Ardern had seized on national voters who were in favor of the ‘Fortress of New Zealand’ COVID strategy and ‘rallied around the flag’.

In this election, New Zealanders who had never previously voted for Labor backed Ms Ardern.

The “businessman” opposition leader

Until recently, the opposition in New Zealand seemed ineffective and riddled with power struggles, but with Christopher Luxon at the helm, the National Party is enjoying a period of relative stability and growing support.

“National has undergone a kind of renewal,” said Dr. Greaves.

“National has presented inflation as a ‘cost of living crisis’ … so they managed to frame it not as an issue of inequality, but as an issue of economic management.

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I’m not joking that Ardern’s government is trying to shut down all income-generating industries.

Jacinda Ardern is quitting farming – in June this year she introduced a methane meat tax and agreed to green calls to limit herd size.

Jacinda Ardern shuts down production and promises that “the government will not hold back” on its ambitious emissions reduction target.

Jacinda Ardern ceases mining, like her offshore vanadium mining cessation bill. Vanadium is an important green mineral. One of the few possible theoretical ways to build affordable city-scale battery backup systems is with vanadium flow batteries. But a lot more vanadium is needed to ever make that possible.

Jacinda Ardern is ceasing tourism – do I need to provide a reference? We all know about Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand Covid lockdowns, which are even stricter than Australia. She has apparently made an exception for the super-rich – uber-wealthy elites flocked to their underground New Zealand survival bunkers in 2020 to escape the Covid outbreak in their home countries. If you think the slopes of one of the world’s largest supervolcano complexes make an interesting choice for an apocalypse bunker, you’re not alone.

Did I forgot something? If so, I’m sure Ardern and her green allies have a plan to shut it down. Except for the public sector, which is rapidly increasing its number of bureaucrats earning at least six figures. And the owners of these apocalypse bunkers seem happy with their choice.

But Ardern is hugely popular on the world stage, where she keeps telling her globalist fans about all the New Zealand export industries she’s shutting down.

Ardern supporters are now realizing, to their great surprise, that their money is no longer of much use. I mean who could have seen this coming?

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